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Addiction Healing Through Service to Others in Guatemala

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Service that Helps Transform Your Teen into a Mature, Compassionate Individual

As a parent, your greatest wish for your child is that they grow up to be a healthy, caring individual who lives a fulfilling life. Whether your teen is struggling with significant trauma or is having trouble controlling their impulses and connecting with others, service can help them heal and turn your wish into a reality.

At Kokua Recovery, your teen will get to participate in an incredible service project in Guatemala that will help them develop greater compassion for others and experience what it’s like to put other people’s needs before their own.

What Your Teen Will Experience in Guatemala

Your teen will spend a week working with Cultiva International to help local Mayan families grow their own garden box. These garden boxes give families a perpetual source of food that allows them to feel independent, confident and hopeful.

During this trip, your teen will get to connect with these families in ways they’ve never connected with others before. The humbling experience will open their eyes to what life is like for others outside the United States, and they’ll discover how rewarding it is to help those less fortunate than themselves.

By actively helping families grow their own food, your teen will be able to proudly say, “I did this amazing thing for someone other than myself.”

Outcomes of the Guatemala Service Trip

This incredible and life-changing service project is so beneficial to addiction and co-occurring disorder recovery because of its many benefits and learning outcomes. This trip will help your teen:

  • Learn how their actions affect those around them
  • Improve their ability to connect and empathize with others
  • Grow greater impulse control
  • Discover new and healthy passions that don’t include drugs or alcohol
  • Develop key leadership skills

Click here to read what our Program Director has to say about the trip. Click here to read a testimonial from a teen who participated in the service trip to Guatemala.

Additional Activities Your Teen Can Participate In

This service trip is a wonderful opportunity for your teen to have fun and engage in the beautiful culture of Guatemala. During their stay, your child will also have the chance to:

  • Learn how local chocolate is made from cacao beans
  • Zipline in a nature preserve
  • Dive into Lake Atitlan from a 30-foot platform
  • See how local Mayan women weave intricate textiles and dye cotton

Service to Others that Helps Your Teen Recover from Addiction and Trauma

The trip to Guatemala to work with Cultiva International is a once in a lifetime experience your teen will remember for the rest of their life. The lessons they’ll learn and the skills they’ll develop will help them heal from addiction and empower them to grow into the person you’ve always wanted them to be. Find out how your teen can get started today by giving us a call at (877) 302-5022. If you are looking for more information on the trip, click here to view our packing list as well as some frequently asked questions that we often get about the Guatemala trip.