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Why Kokua Works

Kokua Recovery / Why Kokua Works

A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Families,

I grew up watching a family member struggle with meth. In and out of jail and treatment, he lost his money, his teeth, his health, his friends, and even most of his family relationships. I have loved him and been pained as I wished many times that he had gotten top level treatment as a teenager. By the time he was cycling into lousy facilities in his twenties, thirties, and forties, it appeared too late. Though he has been clean for the last four years, he has lost of lot of his life and a lot of his health. I cannot make that up for him.

What I can do is provide a world-class program where others can change the course of their lives early, before they have lost so very much. Before meth, opiates, alcohol, and even “just pot” has changed the very nature of a young person’s brain, Kokua Recovery can step in and help them get healthy.

As an adolescent recovery program for teens ages 13-17, we provide a research-based approach shaped by many years of experience helping young people struggling with addiction and trauma, anxiety and depression. While we help teens on their path towards recovery we address the core patterns, triggers, and stressors that cause addictive behaviors in the first place.

Research has shown compellingly that individuals do better in smaller, gender specific settings where they are able to focus on personal healing and growth without distractions. Because of this, our two very unique locations in Colorado are kept purposefully smaller and are separated by gender. We create a clinically robust, yet family-like atmosphere, that changes lives. We are the place that will restore your teen.

Kokua restores health. Kokua restores happiness. Kokua restores relationships.


Dr. Ken Huey

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Kokua House

Why Kokua Works

Kokua is a Hawaiian word that translates to “extending loving, sacrificial help to others for their benefit, not for personal gain.” Kokua, giving of ourselves, is who we are and what we teach.

Our desire is to infuse our company and our treatment with the acceptance and life-loving atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands. When visiting Hawaii, you will see signs thanking everyone for their kokua – their giving of themselves to make the community better.

We chose that word to remind us every minute that courtesy, community and love replace the negative. Kokua is an invitation to be sensitive and aware of surroundings and beauty and embrace all good.

Kokua Recovery chose to include the sea turtle to represent our teen rehab program. Known as “Honu,” the sea turtle is revered in Hawaiian culture and symbolizes good luck, endurance, and long life.

When lost, sea turtles are excellent navigators and will find their way home given time. This serves as a metaphor for our students, reminding them of the sometimes lengthy process of re-orienting toward home and safety, of enduring and patiently finding our way.

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Kokua knows trauma affects addiction and prevent a person from healing. Our dual diagnosis treatment program addresses trauma and addiction struggles.

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Our Treatment is based on scientific research focused on teen recovery. Our programming, length of stay, and treatment are all centered around that.

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Extracurricular hobbies help to replace addictive tendencies in the brain. At Kokua, we provide our students exposure to a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

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The word Kokua reminds us that courtesy, community and love replace negativity. Kokua means to be aware of your surroundings and embrace all good.