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Teen Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment

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Trusted Holistic Treatment that Can Heal Your Teen and Family

Seeing your teen addicted to hallucinogens is like living through your own personal nightmare. From severe mood fluctuations and behavior issues to weight loss and other physical problems, your adolescent is but a shadow of the happy, healthy kid you once knew.

As a parent, there is nothing scarier than watching your child self-destruct and not knowing how to prevent your family from falling apart. At Kokua Recovery, we can help put a stop to the nightmare. Our hallucinogen addiction treatment program addresses your child’s addiction and underlying mental health problems, so you can regain the stability and joy your family has lost.

How We Treat Teen Hallucinogen Addiction

Hallucinogens like LSD, PCP and Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) have left your teen a manic, paranoid wreck, but this isn’t the only thing affecting your child. Oftentimes, there is trauma or another underlying mental health problem at play.

At Kokua Recovery, we take a trauma-focused/brain-healing approach to treatment that leverages clinical and experiential interventions to try to reverse the damage your teen has experienced from these drugs and mental health problems.

What Will My Teen Be Doing in Treatment?

Your teen will experience 42 hours a week of therapist-led interventions to help them recover from their addiction and trauma. This includes:

  • Daily individual and group therapy sessions focused on addiction and specific mental health problems.
  • Adventure therapy focused on experientially recalibrating the teen brain.
  • Equine therapy to develop empathy and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Family therapy sessions to help educate you about your teen’s addiction, get you and your teen to connect again and teach you ways to put you back in the leadership role at home.
  • 12-step programming.

Your teen’s schedule will also include on-site school five days per week with our Academic Director and three nutritionist approved, home-cooked meals a day to help strengthen your child’s body and mind after addiction.

Why Kokua Recovery for Teen Hallucinogen Addiction

Our Extensive Knowledge in Trauma

Not all Kokua teens have trauma in their background, but they all struggle with cause and effect thinking and impulsivity. Sometimes, that is a direct result of trauma, while other times there are environmental factors are at play.

Either way, a trauma-informed and trauma-focused approach reaches the same areas of the brain that require healing. We know what trauma and addiction do to the adolescent brain and our treatment approach is focused on healing your teen from the damage.

Adventure Therapy

Twice a week, your teen will experience recreational activities like hiking in the mountains, white water rafting, skiing, rock climbing and much more. While the activities are rewarding by themselves, there is a much deeper therapeutic reason for adventure therapy.

These experiences are engineered to increase the stress workload in your teen, but designed so that trusted adults can help the teen navigate the activity to a successful outcome. The goal is to break up an old stress pattern with the a new, functional one that helps heal connections and heal your teen’s brain.


Every other month, Kokua teens go to Guatemala to work with a non-profit that builds garden boxes for the local population. With these garden boxes, families can produce enough produce to sustain themselves indefinitely.

This gives your son or daughter the opportunity to participate in an incredible and fulfilling service project that will help them learn to control their impulses and grow into a mature, compassionate individual that doesn’t need drugs to live an exciting, passionate life.

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It’s time to break free from the toxic life your teen and your family have fallen into because of hallucinogens. If you’re ready to give your teen the help and healing he or she needs, contact us today.

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