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Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Tackling the Mental and Behavioral Changes Influencing Your Teen’s Addiction

Somewhere along the way, your energetic, resilient teen turned into a moody and aggressive child you don’t recognize, who has replaced the activities they once enjoyed with drugs. As you watch your child spiral out of control, you wonder how it got to this point.

In many cases of teen alcohol or drug abuse, trauma and mental health challenges are lurking beneath the surface, influencing your adolescent’s addiction and behavioral problems. At Kokua Recovery, we are specialized in trauma to help your teen eradicate negative addiction and behavioral patterns and help them become the healthy child you remember.

What is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma isn’t just simply doing poorly on an exam or getting into an argument with a family member or friend. Childhood trauma includes exposures to bullying, violence, physical and emotional neglect or abuse, natural disasters or losing a loved one or friend.

Childhood trauma and mental health disorders like PTSD, depression and anxiety have a significant impact on a teen’s physical and psychological development, affecting brain development, the immune system and hormonal systems. It can even increase the risk of diseases like heart disease and negatively impact life expectancy.

Kokua Recovery’s Approach to Trauma and Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teens

At Kokua Recovery, our years of trauma expertise and extensive knowledge in the teenage brain make us uniquely equipped to handle your teen’s dual diagnosis disorder.

We use a clinically-robust approach that helps us get to the bottom of your teen’s behaviors, thought patterns and mental health issues. From here, we use additional experiential therapies, positive relationships and service projects to help your teen physically, mentally and emotionally heal from trauma and addiction.

Experiential Therapy

The trauma your teen has experienced and the mental health issues they’re facing have changed the structural and functional abilities of their brain. At Kokua Recovery, your teen will experience 42 hours a week of therapist-led therapies like individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, family therapy and much more.

These experiental therapy sessions help your teen unravel and process what they’ve been going through and develop new coping skills and behaviors that promote maturity and growth.

Adventure Therapy

One of the best ways to heal a traumatized brain is to introduce new and healthy experiences over time. That’s why your teen will participate in two adventure therapy sessions a week where they’ll experience outdoor activities like rock climbing, white water rafting and much more.

These challenging and rewarding adventure therapy sessions help your teen:

  • Replace negative stress responses and behaviors with new, healthier ones
  • Develop trusting relationships with the adult experts leading the adventure therapy sessions
  • Develop leadership and self-efficacy skills
  • Become physically stronger and healthier


During their stay at Kokua Recovery, your teen will travel to Guatemala for a week-long service trip where they’ll help local families grow garden boxes, a perpetual source of food.

This once-in-a-lifetime service project will help your teen develop greater impulse control and empathy for others, teach them how to put others before their own needs and desires and further grow their leadership skills.

Contact Kokua Recovery for Teen Dual Diagnosis Disorder Treatment

We know how hurt you’re feeling as you watch your child suffer. We also know how much your teen is personally struggling. With our dual diagnosis treatment approach, we are able to address and recover from all the mental and behavioral issues your teen is dealing with.

If you’re ready to get your teen the help they deserve, contact us today to get started.