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Steps to Admission for Teens

Kokua Recovery / Steps to Admission for Teens

We understand that coming to the decision to send your teenager to rehab for addiction can be overwhelming. That’s why we make getting your child help as easy as possible for you.

Use these steps to get your teen admitted to our addiction treatment program.

Steps to admission:

  1. Call and speak with an admissions coordinator about your situation and whether Kokua is right for your teen
  2. Verify your insurance benefits and discuss finances
  3. Complete a brief phone assessment with client
  4. Parents and teen complete intake forms electronically and email all required information (medical records, therapist referral, immunization record, school paperwork)
  5. Schedule an admission date and arrange travel to Kokua Recovery
  6. Arrive at Kokua Recovery: Meet with one of our staff for a tour of our facility and get the teen all checked in to treatment and to their room.

Learn How Kokua Recovery can help your teen.