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Kokua Recovery / Treatment

Our Clinical Model

We understand that teens who have been traumatized in their early childhood have experienced changes to the structure and functional abilities of their brains. They become hard wired for chaos and which encourages substance abuse. At Kokua, we employ interventions that rewire the brain back to its earlier safe and homeostatic state.

We believe that the key to healing a brain that has experienced trauma is by creating new, helpful experiences over a long period of time. These experiences create the change back to health.

Along with positive experiences, safe relationships in a nurturing environment are also critical. Experiences that prove that positive relational outcomes can come by trusting adults are particularly brain changing.

For example, showing a teen that if they follow adult instruction they can accomplish a physically and demanding challenge such as a ropes course, learning to ski successfully or mentoring a teen as they learn become proficient at a new sport are the types of experiences that rewire the brain and these are the kinds of activities that are a part of daily life at Kokua.

Our Recovery Treatment is based on scientific research specifically focused on teen recovery. Our programming, length of stay, and treatment are all centered around that.

Extracurricular hobbies help to replace addictive tendencies in the brain. At Kokua, we provide our students exposure to a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

The word Kokua reminds us that courtesy, community and love replace the negative. Kokua is an invitation to be aware of your surroundings and embrace all good.

Learn More About Our Founders

Dr. Ken Huey

Founder, Executive Director Kokua Colorado

Briana Severine

Co-Founder, Director of Clinical Relations

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