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Vance Hansen

Vance is a Colorado native. He has a background in Transitional living, outdoor activities, and business development.  His most recent professional experience is managing a sober facility with 20 residents.  He is currently studying for his CAC I certification.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Vance enjoys everything outdoors from fishing to climbing and is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who loves magic cards and comic books.  Vance believes in the Kokua vision, enjoys his coworkers and the opportunity to help clients.  He is infectiously optimistic and enthusiastic.  His diverse skill set adds to the Kokua Recovery team as an Adventure Guide and Maintenance Director.

Ken Huey

Upon graduating from Purdue with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Huey worked as a therapist, Clinical Director, and Business Development Director in residential treatment. Dr. Huey was always drawn to the large population of adoptees in residential treatment (he is adopted himself). He ultimately became convinced that this population needed specialty care and in November of 2006, Dr. Huey founded Calo. Calo grew to a 200 plus employee organization with about the same numbers of teen clients served each year. He sold Calo and retired in June of 2015. He came out of retirement in 2017 and founded Kokua Recovery, trauma-informed residential drug and alcohol treatment with sites in Colorado.