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David Petersen

David Petersen is an independent consultant, trained & licensed in clinical social work and addictions counseling. He assists individuals, families, agencies and organizations through training, counseling and consultation. Helping to restore lives in the worst of circumstances, with family wellness as a peak priority is David’s true vocation. Facts and accomplishments:

– Fluent Spanish speaker in clinical, social and pastoral works.

– Clinical Interventionist and creator of a consensus-driven intervention methodology.

– Former board member in state NAADAC and NASW endeavors including public policy and professional development.

– Author of Dark Horse: A Heroin Memoir, a recently published autobiography.

– Presenter in the areas of Family, Community, Clinical and Pastoral Opioid Response.

– Critical Incident Debriefing Specialist.

– Outdoor enthusiast and Master Educator in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.

– Field Educator and mentor to many behavioral clinicians.

– First and only ex-offender ever privileged to work in Colorado’s Correctional health programs.

– Producer of Heroin Truth podcast (SoundCloud)

– Producer of David Petersen, Clinical Interventionist (YouTube)

– Streaming into a 43rd year of transcendence out of severely disordered opioid use

– Skillful & Unflagging advocate and defender for minor dependent children.