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Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Your Teen, Their Addiction and You: How We Help Heal the Family System

When you look at your teen now, you’re not looking at the vibrant, enthusiastic child you raised. Instead, you’re looking at someone you don’t recognize; a stranger who is plagued by mood swings and behavioral problems.

This is what addiction can do to an adolescent. And as you struggle with your child’s substance abuse, you may be saying to yourself, “I don’t know what happened to start this,” and “I don’t know what I could’ve done to stop it.”

While hopeless thoughts and self-blame may be circling your mind, it’s imperative for you to remember that your teen’s addiction isn’t your fault. And at Kokua Recovery, we offer addiction treatment that helps both you and your teen recover from the damage that substance abuse has caused.

How Kokua Recovery Addresses the Family System in Treatment

When your teen completes our program and is ready to return home, their relationship with you is going to be a large part of what keeps them sober and moving in the right direction.

This is where our family coaching comes into play during treatment.

While your teen goes through 42 hours of experiential therapy a week to help them work through their addiction and any underlying trauma, we’ll also meet with you on a regular basis to help you heal from your teen’s substance abuse.

During these family coaching sessions with you, we’ll learn what your parenting style was like before your teen entered treatment. We’ll determine what things worked well and didn’t work well, and leverage insights we’ve gained from your teen’s own therapy sessions to help develop new parenting techniques that will work best for your child.

We’ll also coach you on how to set structure and boundaries in your home without stressing out your teen. Like anything else, balance is extremely important to your family’s health. We’ll help you identify ways to create rules and safety without overextending barriers and stifling your teen.

Bringing You and Your Teen Together During Treatment

As treatment continues, we’ll start to look for signs that both you and your teen are ready to participate in therapy as a team. When your child feels comfortable enough and has developed the tools and abilities to advocate for themselves, we’ll bring them in to a family therapy session.

This gives both you and your teen the opportunity to talk to each other honestly and openly, something your teen may never have been able to do before. This family therapy collaboration gives you the chance to see how far your child has grown and provides a healthy environment for you and your teen to heal together and improve your family dynamic.

By the end of treatment, our mission is for you to find hope and happiness again and be able to say, “This is the kid that I remember, this is who I recognize.”

Addiction Treatment that Heals Both Your Teen and Your Family

At Kokua Recovery, we understand how devastating addiction has been on both your child and your family. That’s why we provide evidence-based, dual diagnosis treatment focused on addressing the underlying causes of addiction and helping both you and your teen heal from substance abuse.

Contact us today to learn more about our program and find out how to get your teen started.

Ken Huey

Upon graduating from Purdue with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Huey worked as a therapist, Clinical Director, and Business Development Director in residential treatment. Dr. Huey was always drawn to the large population of adoptees in residential treatment (he is adopted himself). He ultimately became convinced that this population needed specialty care and in November of 2006, Dr. Huey founded Calo. Calo grew to a 200 plus employee organization with about the same numbers of teen clients served each year. He sold Calo and retired in June of 2015. He came out of retirement in 2017 and founded Kokua Recovery, trauma-informed residential drug and alcohol treatment with sites in Colorado.

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