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Meet Our Team

Our highly qualified team specializes in addiction treatment for teens and is dedicated to the success of your child. We invite you read more about our team and to contact us with any questions.

Founder and Executive Director

Upon graduating from Purdue with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Huey worked as a therapist, Clinical Director, and Business Development Director in residential treatment. Dr. Huey was always drawn to the large population of adoptees in residential treatment (he is adopted himself).

He ultimately became convinced that this population needed specialty care and in November of 2006, Dr. Huey founded Calo. Calo grew to a 200 plus employee organization with about the same numbers of teen clients served each year. He sold Calo and retired in June of 2015.

He came out of retirement in 2017 and founded Kokua Recovery, trauma-informed residential drug and alcohol treatment with sites in Colorado.

Kokua Recovery heals the trauma that leads to addiction. Teens learn how to find sobriety in a safe and nurturing residential setting.

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Family Therapist
Courtney Kershaw is originally from the Midwest and relocated to Colorado after graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Anderson University. During her time in Colorado, she completed a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family therapy at University of Colorado Denver. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and families in addiction at both in-patient and in-home settings. She loves connecting with people and helping families find new ways of communicating with and understanding each other. She also enjoys Colorado’s active lifestyle, and is excited about Kokua’s ability to connect youth to the outdoors and promoting healing through nature.
Clinical Director

David Petersen is an independent consultant, trained & licensed in clinical social work and addictions counseling. He assists individuals, families, agencies and organizations through training, counseling and consultation. Helping to restore lives in the worst of circumstances, with family wellness as a peak priority is David’s true vocation. Facts and accomplishments:

– Fluent Spanish speaker in clinical, social and pastoral works.

– Clinical Interventionist and creator of a consensus-driven intervention methodology.

– Former board member in state NAADAC and NASW endeavors including public policy and professional development.

– Author of Dark Horse: A Heroin Memoir, a recently published autobiography.

– Presenter in the areas of Family, Community, Clinical and Pastoral Opioid Response.

– Critical Incident Debriefing Specialist.

– Outdoor enthusiast and Master Educator in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.

– Field Educator and mentor to many behavioral clinicians.

– First and only ex-offender ever privileged to work in Colorado’s Correctional health programs.

– Producer of Heroin Truth podcast (SoundCloud)

– Producer of David Petersen, Clinical Interventionist (YouTube)

– Streaming into a 43rd year of transcendence out of severely disordered opioid use

– Skillful & Unflagging advocate and defender for minor dependent children.

Program Director

Justin brings more than 15 years’ experience as a mental health professional in wilderness and adventure therapy to his current position as the Program Director at Kokua Recovery. Utilizing his unique skill set, Justin has helped to develop a robust wilderness adventure component as part of Kokua Recovery. He also has a background in various art mediums which has been an inspiration to creating an art program like none other in residential treatment. Justin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Prescott College in Therapeutic Use of Adventure Education with an emphasis on psychology and a minor in art and design. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Resident Mentor

Originally from Wyoming, Brandon worked at a youth rehabilitation and mental health facility as a residential specialist.  He came to Colorado ready for a change and looking for new opportunities.  Brandon appreciates the relationships he’s been able to build at Kokua Recovery and watching students make improvements in their sobriety.  In his spare time, Brandon enjoys boxing, kick boxing, running and competing in mixed martial arts.  Brandon brings his dedicated attitude to his approach to Kokua clients and encourages them in self-discipline and activity as a Resident Mentor.

Adventure Director

Jason’s experience in wilderness-based mental health facilities spans over ten years. He has held positions such as Summit House Director, mentor/senior staff, field specialist and field director.   Jason excels as a mountain bike guide, canyoneering and lead rock climbing guide, single pitch instructor and boxing instructor.  He brings his diverse skill set as a sound engineer, minister, vision quest facilitator and creator of sacred ceremonies to Kokua Recovery.  He incorporates music therapy, playing the mandolin, guitar, base guitar and singing into his daily practice and working with clients.  Jason thrives on the community vibe a Kokua Recovery and is passionate about co-creating a vision with adolescent clients and giving them an opportunity to be creative in the therapeutic process.  For him, it’s all about relationships and connection.  He adds an element of compassion, empathy and creativity to the Kokua team as a Resident Mentor and Adventure Director.

Education Director

Laurie is a Greeley native. She is a licensed special education teacher with endorsements in mild, moderate and severe needs; affective with additional endorsements in English and working towards her math endorsement. She has been teaching for 20 years in settings a such as youth corrections facilities, charter schools, college prep schools and other public-schools.  For five years she was a self-contained classroom teacher at South Valley Middle School.  Laurie has vast experience and knowledge in interventions and response intervention strategies.  Laurie’s past experiences include serving in the Army as a military police officer.  She also volunteered as a victim advocate in the Greeley police department. Laurie’s present passion is working one on one with students.  It’s her joy to “watch the light go off” when students get what they are learning.  In her spare time, Laurie can be found playing volley ball, kickboxing, crocheting or watching movies.  Laurie thinks Kokua is an incredible program and she’s excited to be the Education Director at Kokua Recovery.

Admissions Coordinator

Cheltsea’s journey in the mental health industry began 18 years ago as a field guide for a wilderness therapy program in southern Utah. She has held several positions in three different youth programs since then. Her goal is to continue as a therapist after she completes her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As a mother of two, Cheltsea enjoys talking to parents and helping them feel confident in their decision to choose the right program for their child. She has a passion for the outdoors and believes in the power of connecting to the natural world. That’s what she loves about Kokua Recovery. The adventures at Kokua give youth a chance to experience nature in an exciting way and learn from what it has to offer. Cheltsea’s own life adventures include mtn. biking, kayaking, rock climbing, primitive living skills and dancing.


Jenna Allen, RN as been in Greeley Colorado since 1991. She came to Greeley to pursue her education at the University of Northern Colorado and obtained a Bachelors of Science degree. Many years later she returned to school to become a Registered Nurse. Jenna’s background includes working with a variety of patients ranging from individuals with disabilities, the elderly, adults, pediatrics, and adolescents. She has worked in home settings, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. She was working in an acute care mental hospital with adolescents prior to becoming part of the Kokua team. Jenna has a passion for working with kids and being a part of their healing journey. She has been directly impacted by alcoholism and has seen first hand how addiction, not only affects the individual but the persons entire support system and families. She knows Kokua Recovery is a place for healing that provides a healthy path to sobriety for our clients along with repairing broken connections that have occurred due to their addictions. Jenna is excited to be a part of the caring, compassionate, and professional staff that makes up Kokua Recovery.

Office Manager

Janea Baker has 17 years’ experience in as an Administrative Assistant bringing strong skills and experience to Kokua Recovery. 10 of those years were in an executive capacity supporting Superintendent’s in the public education sector. She has a passion for working youth, even indirectly, and sees how her experience can impact the life of adolescent’s seeking recovery. Janea has been touched with addiction and found a rich and fulfilling life in recovery with a message of hope. Outside of work she supports other women who seek recovery, as well as other volunteer opportunities in the community.

Resident Mentor

Amy has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She completed her internship with Larimer County probation with juveniles and worked three years for the state of Colorado/division of youth corrections.  She has 11 years’ experience in the medical field as a nurse’s assistant.  Having dealt with an alcoholic parent herself, Amy wants to give back by helping to reduce the pain and hardship young people go through in their recovery process.  She loves hiking in the mountains near running water and flowing rivers.  With Amy’s spunky personality, she balances being firm and kind in her approach to caring for Kokua clients as a Resident Mentor.

Resident Mentor

Chaley comes from Ogden, Utah where she worked in a school district in numerous positions such as behavior specialist, cheerleader coach and STEM tutor.  She also worked in a juvenile secure facility and a youth homeless shelter.  She moved to Colorado with her husband in search of new experiences and found Kokua.  In her spare time, Chaley can be found reading books and listening to music.  Her diligent help in school with Kokua clients is instrumental in their achievement.  Charley’s natural charm adds a spirit of joy to the Kokua environment and she really enjoys working with the clients as a Resident Mentor.

I was a supply Sergent for 10 years, I was a recreation aquatics coordinator and youth outreach mentor for over 10 years. I like being part of a team like Kokua because of the great environment and activities it offers the youth. B.S. In recreation management.

Adventure Guide

Vance is a Colorado native. He has a background in Transitional living, outdoor activities, and business development.  His most recent professional experience is managing a sober facility with 20 residents.  He is currently studying for his CAC I certification.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Vance enjoys everything outdoors from fishing to climbing and is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who loves magic cards and comic books.  Vance believes in the Kokua vision, enjoys his coworkers and the opportunity to help clients.  He is infectiously optimistic and enthusiastic.  His diverse skill set adds to the Kokua Recovery team as an Adventure Guide and Maintenance Director.