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Kokua is a Hawaiian word that translates as “extending loving help to others.” Our addiction and dual diagnosis treatment program uses this guiding principle to create lasting change.

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Our emphasis is on the science of substance abuse and trauma recovery, and all of our components are based on researched aspects of wellness. We provide intensive therapy, trama-specific treatment, family involvement, educational support, a sense of community, and outdoor adventure therapy. All these aim to repair the needs of addiction.

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Kokua Recovery is designed to help young people between the ages of 13 and 17 improve the quality of their lives and overcome their current struggles. Our clinical focus is healing the trauma that underlies addiction.

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We Are Kokua.

Kokua Recovery is a teen residential treatment program for boy and girls between the ages of 13-17 located in Colorado. At Kokua, we aim to heal the trauma that underlies addiction. We also focus on holistic mental health wellness, in our comfortable home-like setting.

Trauma-Specific Treatment

At Kokua, we have experienced trauma first-hand in our own lives. This is why we know how important it is to treat trauma alongside addiction. We know trauma is at the base of many issues that lead to addiction and we have profound experience helping teens work through the trauma that is impacting their lives.

Longer Length of Stay for Stronger Success

Our philosophy focuses on the science of recovery so that we can have the highest success in treating teens for substance abuse. Research has shown that in 30-90 day recovery programs nearly two-thirds of clients fall back into old patterns and behaviors. However, if the length of stay is 6 months or greater, and is coupled with supportive aftercare, the outcomes are improved substantially.

Finding Meaningful Replacement Behaviors and Connection

At Kokua Recovery, we use outdoor recreation activities and adventure therapy to help teens replace addictive behaviors with healthy interests and connection. This facilitates developing lifelong hobbies, physical outlets, and the ability to connect to others. It helps our teens live healthier, happier lives. The end goal is to create healing that equips teens for lasting recovery.

Meaningful Service for Internal Development

We are called Kokua meaning “extending loving help to others” and we embody the value of service.  Research has shown that individuals are three times more likely to remain sober after treatment when they are involved in meaningful service. We provide amazing opportunities for our clients, including trips to orphanages in Guatemala. In this role as caretakers of younger children in an orphanage, among other service opportunities, teens become more aware of their self-focused thoughts and efforts and are able to direct them toward others and find gratitude and purpose in their sobriety.

Family Support for Lasting Change

Family involvement is essential in the treatment of teens. We have dedicated family therapists that have weekly family contact, monthly educational material for parents, and onsite parent workshops to help support and positively change the entire family system.

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``Kokua Recovery heals the trauma that leads to addiction. Teens learn how to find sobriety in a safe and nurturing residential setting.`` - Dr. Ken Huey

Facts on Teen Addiction and Recovery

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Adolescent brains are damaged more significantly by drugs and alcohol than adults. Time in a drug free environment focused on experiential therapies correctly rewire the brains of teens.